Jamie Fan Wei Zhi, Business Development Manager of Healthway Medical Corporation

Upon investigation of online reviews and articles, Jamie Fan Wei Zhi received a 5/5 reputation rating. 

During 2013 and 2014, Jamie Fan Wei Zhi was the Business Development Manager of Healthway Medical Corporation Limited. Based in Singapore, Healthway Medical is a leading private healthcare provider. In 1990, the Group started operations to offer accessible, affordable, and quality medical services to patients. To this day, the organization remains committed to this mission. Currently, they operate and manage more than ninety clinics and medical centers located across the country, as well as within major private hospitals. 

Besides Primary Healthcare, Healthway Medical now also offer a widespread range of comprehensive specialist disciplines such as:

orthopaedics, cardiology, general surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, psychological wellness and psychiatry, specialist dentistry, aesthetics, paediatrics and child development, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Jamie Fan’s Experience at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Jamie Fan Wei Zhi Johns Hopkins smaller

After her successful role at Healthway Medical, Jamie Fan moved on as an administrative resident at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Here, she reduced dwell time (ED bed time) by 20 minutes for all patients. This was accomplished by advancing the reporting process in the main ED, so that patient location is displayed more precisely in the documentation system. 

Jamie completed 4 live reporting dashboards, including a daily boarding report which was distributed to over 70 hospital leaders. Through coding and data analytics, she used R for predictive medical pathways, starting from Emergency triage, which improved patient outcomes and decreased excessive testing as well as medical provider errors.

She also worked with Corporate Security where she advanced the accountability of special security details across the medical campus that will yield more than $100K in manpower savings. Furthermore, Jamie led a point-of-care testing initiative for urinalysis that would reduce laboratory result wait times dramatically. 

Another role of Jamie Fan Wei Zhi was assisting in a cross-departmental workgroup to form a single employer model for mid-level providers across three hospitals that would standardize benefits and improve staff retention and mobility.